Sunday, 1 March 2015

Highway Code Changes May Effect Your Intensive Driving Course

Before taking your intensive driving course you should be aware of changes just announced regarding fitness to drive.

Rule change: drugs and medicine

Rule 96 of The Highway Code has been updated 2 March 2015.
New rule 96 wording
You MUST NOT drive under the influence of drugs or medicine. For medicines, check with your doctor or pharmacist and do not drive if you are advised that you may be impaired.
You MUST NOT drive if you have illegal drugs or certain medicines in your blood above specified limits. It is highly dangerous so never take illegal drugs if you intend to drive; the effects are unpredictable, but can be even more severe than alcohol and result in fatal or serious road crashes. Illegal drugs have been specified at very low levels so even small amounts of use could be above the specified limits. The limits for certain medicines have been specified at higher levels, above the levels generally found in the blood of patients who have taken normal therapeutic doses. If you are found to have a concentration of a drug above its specified limit in your blood because you have been prescribed or legitimately supplied a particularly high dose of medicine, then you can raise a statutory medical defence, provided your driving was not impaired by the medicine you are taking.
Laws RTA 1988 sect 4 & Law RTA 1988 sect 5A
Previous wording
Rule 96 used to say:
You MUST NOT drive under the influence of drugs or medicine. Check the instructions or ask your doctor or pharmacist. Using illegal drugs is highly dangerous. Never take them if you intend to drive; the effects are unpredictable, but can be even more severe than alcohol and may result in fatal or serious road crashes.
Law RTA 1988 sect 4
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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Intensive Driving Success

 Daniella, From Midsomer Norton, just passed her practical driving test after completing one of our intensive driving courses

She now looks forward to driving her Ford KA

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Intensive Driving Course Success

      Congratulations Tom, from Bath,  First time pass on our 40 hour Intensive Driving Course, just a few weeks after his 17th Birthday.

Tom went off to arrange his car insurance for his car which he has patiently stored for several weeks.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hazard Perception Makeover

Preparation for your intensive driving course in Bristol or Bath involves passing your theory test. See the latest info from DVSA on the new test format
New computer-generated imagery (CGI) clips replaced old filmed clips in the hazard perception part of the theory test on 12 January 2015.

The test was made up of filmed video clips which showed everyday road scenes.
Those clips were still relevant, but the image quality wasn’t as clear or defined as modern technology allows.

Differences in the new clips

The new clips show the same situations as the previous clips, but they:
  • look clearer on the screen
  • include updated vehicles, roads and surroundings so they look modern
An old-style video clip (left) and an updated CGI clip (right)
An old-style video clip (left) and an updated CGI clip (right)

No change to how the test works

The way that the hazard perception part of the theory test works hasn’t changed. The pass mark has stayed the same.
The clips:
  • feature everyday road scenes
  • contain at least one ‘developing hazard’ - but one of the clips will feature 2 ‘developing hazards’
A developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action, like changing speed or direction.
Test type Number of clips Number of developing hazards Pass mark
Car and motorcycle 14 15 44 out of 75
Lorry, bus and coach 19 20 67 out of 100
Approved driving instructor part 1 14 15 57 out of 75
Watch this video to see an example of a CGI clip and to find out how the test works.
The timeline slider below uses WAI ARIA. Please use the documentation for your screen reader to find out more.00:00:00

Learning materials still relevant

Any products that you’ve been using to help you practise the hazard perception part of the test are still relevant.
You don’t need to have practised with CGI clips in order to take and pass the test.
Official DVSA learning materials
DVSA produces official learning materials to help you prepare, and products are also available from other providers.

Updated clips trialled before being introduced

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) trialled the updated clips to make sure that learner drivers could use them without problems.
The trial was successful. It found that candidates who watched the new introduction clip about how the test works were more likely to spot the developing hazards.
The research, which was carried out with the University of Nottingham’s Accident Research Unit, found that the updated clips are just as good as the traditional video-based test.

Developing clips in the future

By using CGI clips, DVSA can introduce clips in the future which show situations with vulnerable road users - like children, cyclists, and motorcyclists - without risk.

Intensive Pass Rates

A review of our pass rates for intensive driving courses in 2014 showed a pass rate of 83%

Getting Your First Provisional Licence

We though we would clarify some info on getting a provisional licence as several parents have enquired recently about an intensive driving course and what need to be done.

When you can apply

You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old.

You can start driving when you’re:

  • 17 if you want to drive a car
  • 16 if you want to ride a moped or light quad bike

Your licence will say when you can start driving different vehicles.

To apply, go to GOV.UK

Friday, 20 February 2015

Bristol Theory Test Centre

The theory test centre now has a new home in the centre of Bristol

Third Floor North Building, Crescent House, Temple Back,

Before applying for your intensive driving course it is best to have first completed your theory test